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Whether you need an emergency repair, scheduled maintenance, or a complete installation, Houston Boiler Works has you covered.
Whatever your project, Houston Boiler Works helps you significantly improve performance. We handle everything from analyzing your needs and recommending an appropriate unit to installing, repairing, and maintaining all makes and models of boilers. Our major concern is to ensure your installation runs at full speed.


Boilers and their associated systems are an important part of a modern commercial building's central energy plant. If you're facing any of these problems, we can solve the issue:

  • Boiler Fails to Meet System Load
  • Boiler and System Overheat
  • Fumes in Boiler Room
  • Boiler Does Not Ignite
  • Boiler Will Not Purge or Ignite
  • Boiler Fires Continuously
  • Boiler Overheats and is Noisy
  • Boiler Starts but Flame Goes Out Soon After
Boiler Repair

We offer boiler repair services to those looking to salvage their existing boilers. Though it's not always cost-efficient to repair an old boiler, in many cases, paying for boiler repairs can help extend the life of your unit for many years.
We can evaluate the state of your boiler to determine whether it's worth repairing. And if we find that your boiler can effectively be saved, we'll do our best to get it fixed as quickly as possible so that you can resume your daily routine without having to worry about a lack of heat or hot water. Call us today to see how we can help you overcome the issues.

Boiler Replacement

Even if your current commercial boiler seems to be performing just fine, you may be able to reap considerable benefits by upgrading to a new system. For instance, many of the next-generation commercial boilers offer:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved scaling and oxidation resistance
  • Space saving designs
  • Precision control of thermal output
  • Low-temperature operation without condensation
  • Completely rust-proof environments
  • Thermal shock proofing
  • Excellent warranties

Call us today to get your project started.

Turnkey Installation

We have over 30 years of experience installing commercial and industrial boilers. This is the core of what we do. Whether you require steam or hot water for comfort heating, domestic use or process needs we can design and install a new system with all the associated equipment that best fits your needs.
Houston Boiler Works will perform a site survey of your mechanical room and offer an evaluation of your system, then we will provide you with the competitive options that will save you money and maintain the highest quality of service, including maintenance programs. Our commitment to quality control and safety ensures our customers receive the highest quality of service.

Preventative Maintenance

At Houston Boiler Works we make it our business to see that our clients enjoy the best possible performance and life expectancy from their commercial boilers. That's why we offer planned maintenance services. Besides improving the overall efficiency of your boiler, our maintenance visits can also help detect possible problems early on so you can get the needed repair before it becomes an emergency.
Example: A 100 HP boiler operating at 50% load, 75% efficiency, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week assuming natural gas cost at 1.00 per therm will cost $10,200 per month for fuel. By increasing the efficiency to just 80% you will save $510 per month for gas with an annual savings of approximately $6120. Call us today to setup your preventative maintenance appointment, and see how much you can save.

Combustion Analysis & Tuning

Using state-of-the-art analysis equipment, we can optimize simple or complex burner systems safely and efficiently. We perform an array of testing methods, measurements, and calculations to understand a system's combustion dynamics. From simple environmental heating to detailed industrial processes, we work to reduce undesirable exhaust emissions and improve the safety of fuel burning equipment. Not only can we perform extensive analysis, but we can also tune equipment to significantly reduce heat loss, increase fuel efficiency, and save our customers money. By reducing unwanted or toxic emissions, we can help you meet all required guidelines set forth by federal and state government entities. While some fuel loss is inevitable, equipment optimization will significantly reduce heat loss and stabilize your bottom line.

Safety Is Our First Priority at Houston Boiler Works

Houston Boiler Works is dedicated to following OSHA regulations, Workplace Safety Guidelines, and all applicable EPA rules and regulations. We strive to keep the workplace and the environment protected to the highest standard. We operate a drug-free environment.

At Houston Boiler Works we value service, community togetherness, and duty to our nation.

Our mission at Houston Boiler Works is to provide innovative support, quality service and decisive solutions for all your steam and hot water boiler room needs. We are a family owned and operated LLC with over 37 years of boiler room solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes! At Houston Boiler Works we have maintenance packages to suit your needs. No matter how large or how small your operation is we can keep you up and running so you can avoid down time an costly repairs.
Ask us about it today!

Absolutely! At Houston Boiler Works we offer full boiler design services matched to your budget and your needs.

When it comes to providing your building with reliable heat, it can be difficult to choose between the traditional non condensing boiler and the newer condensing boilers. In general, if you need the highest possible energy-efficiency rating, you should choose a condensing boiler. If cost to install is your primary determining factor, you may want to install a non condensing boiler.

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